"Bridgepoint Foods provides creative demographic
driven retail solutions and route-to-market execution
strategies for iconic food and beverage brands"

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Bridgepoint- Growing brands internationally.

Bridgepoint Foods provides a 360 degree fulfillment service in the North American markets for the food company brands that we partner with. Brand owners and manufacturers can focus on product development, marketing, and brand development whilst Bridgepoint Foods provide them with the following essential services for making sure that product shipment reaches their targeted markets with a hassle free, and on time delivery.

  • Import Management Services: Bridgepoint Foods can manage shipping, customs clearance and related regulatory approvals for a streamlined import experience for your brands.¬†Our reputation as an Asian foods brand partner and importer in the United States is well-established, and we want to help you benefit from our dynamic management services to propel your food brand forward.¬†Whether your company is large or small, domestic or foreign, we have the expertise to address, assist and guide you through regulatory compliance, customs requirements and clearance procedures of your markets.
  • Warehousing and Inventory Management: Bridgepoint Foods maintains a systematic and well organized infrastructure and an orderly inventory system, thus minimizing inventory costs and cutting down inventory holding time. We can identify warehousing sites and ensure effective management of your inventory. We stay ahead of the game and incorporate the best industry practices tailored to individual customer needs to create a system that works for our clients, is robust, and follows world class standards.
  • Order Fulfillment and Local Logistics: Bridgepoint Foods boasts an accomplished operations and performance-management system which overlooks all logistic operations, transportation, and order fulfillments, sales account management, carrier management, and finance expertise.
  • Invoicing, Credit Control, Accounts Management and Banking: Bridgepoint Foods provides banking, invoicing and financial advisory services. Our services are tailored to the individual needs of each customer. LC opening,etc
  • Sales and Channel Management: We have extensive experience working with senior executives to grow, manage and optimize your sales operations and distribution channels with a constant aim to grow, manage and optimize your brand.