"Bridgepoint Foods provides creative demographic
driven retail solutions and route-to-market execution
strategies for iconic food and beverage brands"

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Bridgepoint Foods Service Offering - Above and beyond the competition.

We pride ourselves on our high caliber professionalism, our ability to give timely distribution to the brands and making brands grow to their fullest potential through experience. If you want to see your brand in the spot light, in leading retail stores, wholesale markets, in well known pubs and restaurants or convenience outlets, we are the ones who will make it happen.

We at Bridgepoint Foods take pride in our operations as importers of natural foods, and giving our customers the 360 degree solution they require in terms of services offered. We take care of the marketing, sales, warehousing and logistics while you see your brand grow to its fullest potential. We believe in not just being a company that deals with your brand, we believe in a long term partnership with you.

If your brand has the potential, we will help it grow and enhance it to its fullest. Here is what we can do for your brands:

  • Enhance sales coverage
    We reach out to every corner of the market and select the best location for to connect your brands to the consumers. Proper placement of your brand plays a major role in selling the brand.
  • Maximize sales of existing brands
    We understand that times change, and the need to constantly keep up with the times to maximize sales. There are plenty of ways to make existing brands come alive in the consumer’s eyes and we know all of them.
  • Develop new brands
    Every brand needs to be treated differently. Just as you wouldn’t want to be called by someone else's name, brands are the same. In order to develop them we give them identity and grow them in the market in a specialized way.
  • Increase brand penetration
    Introducing a new brand into a tough competitive market is not easy, but with hard work, dedication and careful planning, your brand will not only stand out in the market, but it will dominate it.
  • Monitor customer feedback
    Feed back is as important as salt in your food. Through regular customer contact we can tell what direction your brand needs to go in and what is expected of it.
  • Bring channel expertise
    One man’s strength is another ones weakness. We make sure that your brand has the best possible team looking after it, each and every one a veteran in their respective fields.
  • Increase sales focus and penetration
    Selling your product is not the only thing we are concerned about - we are more concerned about keeping it sold in the future. Giving your brand the house hold name it needs to be in order to penetrate the market and stay there.
  • Replace fixed cost with variable cost
    We strive to make your brand cost effective in order to increase the profits to the max.
  • Create efficient business models
    Through outsourced back office solutions, overhead reduction, cash flow enhancements and business process simplification we enhance the potential of your brand in a cost efficient way.